aqua net fer reals

Rogue's one of the challenges over at the temple of cartoon mojo so I finally stopped being lazy and made it a thing.

Was awesome working on it because it gave me an excuse to watch the original X-men cartoon which is PURE EXCELLENCE. I take all of my cues on X-men behavior through it, so Rogue should have hair larger than a beach ball, Wolverine's facial hair should be thick enough to block attacks from Sabertooth, and Jean Grey should look very, VERY uptight. Also, that theme song is boss. DA NA NA NA NAAAAA NE NA DA NA NA NA NAAAAA NE NA DANA.

Yeah, I phonetically spelled that out. YEAH.

Oh man, there's gonna be a space under this text and there's nothing I can do about it. Whooops. Sorry folks, a web designer I am not.


Irene 'Alizel' Strychalski said...

You COULD painstakingly press'enter' at every line break you want so your word column will narrow down and fit next to Rogue precisely. JUST SAYIN'.

Alan Hawley said...

Nice Rogue Erin!