star wars

Last Friday night, in between thumbnailing and pencilling like a madman, I made this.
Fanart Friday is a little late this time, we lost our internet this weekend. We also lost what little cable we have so we resorted to movies, namely Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It's a good replacement. Too bad this looks nothing like Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford. :[



This needs some.

So Marvel's decided Blank Panther has gotten boring and updated him to American Panther. Seriously - not making this shit up. So now that Marvel has decided America is a color, everybody over at the Temple took a shot at some hero updates. I chose Emma Frost, the formerly White Queen. Now she's the American Queen. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE AMAZING NEW CHARACTER, MARVEL.

You should go check out the other ones though, they're pretty wicked.


she's got me dancing

Another in progress sketch, you'll see more of this soon!


power girl

It's fanart Friday again and here's the Power Girl I promised you.