mix tape

Remember when I talked about posting the finished mix tape pages? No? Probably because I said it MONTHS ago. But here's a couple of my favorites.


clap clap

As promised, here's some Fraggle Rock. HA, two posts in two days. I'm unstoppable.


black and white

Nothing crazy detailed today - I was hoping to have a pinup I'm working on for my inking class but it's not quite ready. Expect that tomorrow. Unless I hate it. Then it'll never see the light of the internet.

If you recognize the character below, congratulations, you're awesome. If you recognize the group characters beneath that, PLEASE GET OUT OF MY HEAD.


fuckin hipsters

I felt like coloring so I dug up some old inks from last spring.

In other news, classes have started up again, and I've got two this quarter, Advanced Inking and Self-Promotion. Luckily for you guys (the five couple one ??? of you that are reading this)the Self-Promotion class requires a blog update once a week. That's right - sheer will power or the desire to get popular on the internets won't compel me to update, but grades will.


Expect more work on the colors some time in the future - I need more experience with digital coloring. Also I kind of like these lines. Well... the girl at least. The guy might disappear by the next upload.