Back in school for another quarter at SCAD. This time it's all SEQA classes so I'll be bursting with art and comic knowledge. I even managed to score another internship -- I am on a roll. This time it's doing some flats for Oni Press, which is pretty killer. But enough of that, I actually posted because I have art. Shocking, I know. The first is just some lines I'm in the business of coloring and the latter some doodles to adorn the door to my apartment. This way, everyone knows how cool my roomie and I are.

Also, Community is one of the funniest shows ever. Go watch it. Now.



When I can't think of title, numbers work well. Despite the fact that this is, indeed, my 3rd post, but 2nd post with actual art so... yeah. This one is just a little something between bigger postings. I'm hoping to have a finished 4 page comic up and an illustration or two before school.
Of course, I haven't yet looked at it on a PC which means the colors are probably heinous, so bare with me. Or you could just get a Mac and we'd all be dandy. I had to look up how to spell 'heinous' still feels off though.

Also, I have reason to believe cheap neighbors are siphoning my wireless signal. It's crazy laggy. Add 'siphon' to the list of things I can say but not spell. Well, can currently spell because I looked it up but will forget in a couple of days.

DUDE, I finally have enough posts for the page to scroll! SCORE!