When I can't think of title, numbers work well. Despite the fact that this is, indeed, my 3rd post, but 2nd post with actual art so... yeah. This one is just a little something between bigger postings. I'm hoping to have a finished 4 page comic up and an illustration or two before school.
Of course, I haven't yet looked at it on a PC which means the colors are probably heinous, so bare with me. Or you could just get a Mac and we'd all be dandy. I had to look up how to spell 'heinous' still feels off though.

Also, I have reason to believe cheap neighbors are siphoning my wireless signal. It's crazy laggy. Add 'siphon' to the list of things I can say but not spell. Well, can currently spell because I looked it up but will forget in a couple of days.

DUDE, I finally have enough posts for the page to scroll! SCORE!

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