snow white and the seven dwarfs

Whoops! Forgot to announce I was doing something exciting here - Erin's Year of Disney!

I'm going through every one of the 52 feature-length animated films in the Disney canon, one for a week for a whole year. I'm planning on posting the best ones here, but for all goodies, please check out my Erin's Year of Disney tumblr. Or just enjoy the cream of the crop here - your choice, kids!



Forgot to post this one here. Sorry blog, I might be cheating on you with tumblr.

Don't tell twitter.


whatever, it's 2009

Lumpy Space Princess might be my favorite character ever created.



Can it be June so I can just watch this movie already?


kara zor-el

Clearly the cutest of all the Kryptonians.


best worst anime ever

It's gotta be High School of the Dead. It's just so full of fan service I cannot take it seriously. But as bad as it is, it's so good, so addictively good you just keep watching and watching it until you run out of episodes.

And then you draw fanart, because hey, it's Fanart Friday!


tough chicks n' mohawks

First post of 2012. This year won't suck; I can feel it in my bones.