wonder woman

After watching all of the Young Justice that's out yet, I drifted back into classic Justice League, circa 2000, to get my DC fix. This show is where I learned most of my knowledge about DC, combined with what I had gleamed from the 90s Batman and Superman series'. It's the same with XMEN and Marvel. Pretty much 70% of my mainstream comics knowledge is from cartoons. because they were so much more accessible than comics for me.

ANYWAY, I've been rewatching Justice League and it's been reminding how much I love the characters in that series. Hopefully that means you'll be seeing some more Leaguers soon. And some Young Justice too because that show is just TOO GOOD.


the vampire queen

So, I made an art. More like FINISHED an art that I started MONTHS ago, but whatever, I will take it. Victory, ERIN.

In my defense, my computer was in the shop for two and a half weeks.

So... yeah...


concept art

So, a long time ago, in galaxy far, far away, I took a concept art class. Here's a smattering of what survived.


Because I am so very forgetful, I just now realized I never posted some of the finished pages from Senior Project, so here they are now.






will the wonders never cease?



I know, I'm scaring my myself.

Anyway, I'm trying to get back into Fanart Friday, and what better way than with some Dragon Ball Z, specifically Bulma, one of my personal faves. This summer's been weird as it's been my first OUT of school so it's taking some adjusting. But rest assured I have not forgotten about this website.

If the lack of posts is driving you NUTS, head on over to my tumblr, which is seeing a lot more action, as I'm keeping this blog as more of a finished goods site, and using the tumblr for more sketches and hijinks. Because hell, I love hijinks. Just love saying it.



Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean? 

Let's pretend it's two days ago and this falls under fanart Friday okay? OKAY? OKAY?!?!?! Phew, thanks guys, you are such kind internet bros. To reward you for being so awesome, I'll try to get this blog thing rolling again. I have some things already completed so it shouldn't be too hard. Expect some more fanart and comic pages soon!

But you know me, internet, I am promising nothing.


awwwww yeah

Kicking ass, nerd style. I am making css/html my bitch today.

Also, have some art. Colors to follow when Photoshop isn't a crashing-all-the-time jerk.



So I've slipped a bit on the fanart Friday, but Senior Project's been killing me. Accept these pages as a peace offering. And expect an update this Friday.


star wars

Last Friday night, in between thumbnailing and pencilling like a madman, I made this.
Fanart Friday is a little late this time, we lost our internet this weekend. We also lost what little cable we have so we resorted to movies, namely Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It's a good replacement. Too bad this looks nothing like Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford. :[



This needs some.

So Marvel's decided Blank Panther has gotten boring and updated him to American Panther. Seriously - not making this shit up. So now that Marvel has decided America is a color, everybody over at the Temple took a shot at some hero updates. I chose Emma Frost, the formerly White Queen. Now she's the American Queen. YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE AMAZING NEW CHARACTER, MARVEL.

You should go check out the other ones though, they're pretty wicked.


she's got me dancing

Another in progress sketch, you'll see more of this soon!


power girl

It's fanart Friday again and here's the Power Girl I promised you.


say whut?

Two posts in a week?! Sheer madness. Enjoy this comic about my awesome food skills.

Also, this is EXACTLY how I eat food, I just throw a handful of whatever I'm eating towards my face and hope a decent amount gets in there.


first of the last

Today is the first day of my LAST quarter at SCAD. Pretty scary stuff. Fight the fear, Erin!


power girl, the teaser

This weeks fanart is taking a little bit longer than I'd like, so I'm give you guys a teaser version; just the inks, while I fancy Power Girl up. Expect the colored version here in a couple of days, and another fresh fanart on Friday!



Yeah, I'm getting my nerd on. 
Even as a kid, I didn't know why we were following Ash, I mean, CLEARLY, he's a loser and he sucks at this whole pokemon thing. But Gary, Gary is 10 years old and he has a CAR. And ladies that follow him around and sing his praises all the time. That's the kid I wanna see a show about. Not the one that can't get his shit together.  No.

So, I'm gonna try this thing where I post fanart every Friday. And yeah, even though it's 12:30 in the morning so it's TECHNICALLY Saturday, I'm still up, so I'm counting it as Friday. Let's see how well I can follow through this time!


aqua net fer reals

Rogue's one of the challenges over at the temple of cartoon mojo so I finally stopped being lazy and made it a thing.

Was awesome working on it because it gave me an excuse to watch the original X-men cartoon which is PURE EXCELLENCE. I take all of my cues on X-men behavior through it, so Rogue should have hair larger than a beach ball, Wolverine's facial hair should be thick enough to block attacks from Sabertooth, and Jean Grey should look very, VERY uptight. Also, that theme song is boss. DA NA NA NA NAAAAA NE NA DA NA NA NA NAAAAA NE NA DANA.

Yeah, I phonetically spelled that out. YEAH.

Oh man, there's gonna be a space under this text and there's nothing I can do about it. Whooops. Sorry folks, a web designer I am not.


adventure time


This lovely image is for the first page of my sketchbook, to announce to everyone how I feel about LOUDNESS. It's also for the adventure time tumblr, which has some pretty cool art on it. Hopefully by the time you're reading this, my image will be part of it. If not, I want you to come back and read this same post in a day or two. Thanks in advance.

School's starting up again and we've got a gillion editors visiting this quarter. Seriously, a gillion. Or maybe just six. Either way, they're visiting.

ALSO, I have a twitter now? Although, chances are you knew that already because I'm pretty sure everyone reading this knows me in real life. Oh well, I'm telling you twice! Hear more of my ramblings at eglads. I'll try not to bore you.