I'm enjoying my break from school.You can tell because I haven't posted anything. But I actually HAVE been making the arts so I'll share with you what I have.

It's always great to draw for fun again after an intense period of structured scribbling. Also, I've got a new sketchbook to destroy and it's so choice. I got to use the same kind for inking class but this time I'm using markers too and it's just lovely. There's still some bleed through the back of the page but I love how the paper takes the markers; it keeps a lot of the stroke and doesn't blend the colors much at all. So expect more colors like these, they're fun and quick, especially now that I've figured out how to work Cara's scanner. Expect some concept work and maquette photos too; it's a busy and artful break!


i wanna see your peacock

Haven't posted in a while. WHOOPS. Have some doodles to make up for it. I'll have some pages soon, just gotta get through the quarter first! Also, you should go to youtube and look up the peacock chat roulette song. RIGHT NOW.



 For one of my last inking exercises I decided to try something crazy and new and go with an ink wash. In honor of that new-fangled insanity, I'm gonna to do something new with the post too! Instead of just showing you  the finished product, I'm showing you it all, from the early sketches to the final piece.

The assignment was a Blacksad pin up, if you don't know it, look it up NOW! So firstly I made a bunch of tiny thumbnails to get a scene in my mind. Most of these are no larger than an inch and half tall and they're done as fast as possible. Took me a while to get what I wanted because perspective and I don't always get along so well.

Anyway, next step is the detailed thumbnail or rough pencil. It's only about four inches tall on paper. You can see me throwing down perspective lines like it's going out of style.

And the next step is really just an extension of the last - the value study! I took the scan of the thumbnail and printed it out so I could use grey tone markers to figure out the values.

Totally off topic, but is it 'grey' or 'gray'? Firefox thinks it's 'gray' with an 'a' because it's giving me those angry red squiggly lines under 'grey' with 'e'. Which really stinks because I think grey looks WAY classier.

Okay, so here I'm trying to keep the focus on the couple by using more contrast in the foreground.

Also, to be ENTIRELY HONEST, I think I like the tiny value study best. Probably because I love markers way more than ink wash. And that awesome browny hue isn't hurting either.

ANYWAY, from there I moved on to the actual piece, a giant compared to the rest of the work at 11" by 17". And hours later, you get this...


jungle boy

After posting comics and pokemon, we're going a little bit lazier this week and going with some sketches. It's for my final project in advanced inking. It's about a nomadic hunter and his pet wolf trying to get something to eat. But it's more exciting than that, I promise.

I'll have some more official character designs soon, plus some villager designs too. 



Pokemon Portrait Dex is all the rage right now. Oh yeah, I'm cool now.


roller derby

Here's some of the pages I did for Oni for their roller derby anthalogy Jam! Tales from the World of Roller Derby. Again, I'm just posting my favorites!


mix tape

Remember when I talked about posting the finished mix tape pages? No? Probably because I said it MONTHS ago. But here's a couple of my favorites.


clap clap

As promised, here's some Fraggle Rock. HA, two posts in two days. I'm unstoppable.


black and white

Nothing crazy detailed today - I was hoping to have a pinup I'm working on for my inking class but it's not quite ready. Expect that tomorrow. Unless I hate it. Then it'll never see the light of the internet.

If you recognize the character below, congratulations, you're awesome. If you recognize the group characters beneath that, PLEASE GET OUT OF MY HEAD.


fuckin hipsters

I felt like coloring so I dug up some old inks from last spring.

In other news, classes have started up again, and I've got two this quarter, Advanced Inking and Self-Promotion. Luckily for you guys (the five couple one ??? of you that are reading this)the Self-Promotion class requires a blog update once a week. That's right - sheer will power or the desire to get popular on the internets won't compel me to update, but grades will.


Expect more work on the colors some time in the future - I need more experience with digital coloring. Also I kind of like these lines. Well... the girl at least. The guy might disappear by the next upload.



Still futzing with the new layout. Accidentally lost all my links. Blargh. Also, if you were in my Web Comic class, this layout is probably giving you CRAZY deja vu. I stole the color scheme. From myself. It's pretty scandalous.


I am the night!

So yeah... guess what I've been watching?

More like marathoning. These past two Saturdays have been chock full of 90s anime goodness. Actually, so have the past six or so. But this time it's been YuYu Hakusho and it has been magical. Seriously, I recommend everyone go back to their roots and watch some ridiculous anime. Or other cartoons. Or lame sitcoms. Just regress back to a simpler time.

ALSO, I'm working on a new layout, so that's gonna happen soon. ALSO ALSO, more art soon. So sit tight, kids.



Never posting some more. It's just what I do. Maybe I'll get better, maybe I won't. Probably not though. ANYWAY, posting to announce I have web comic. It's pretty killer, but don't worry, it'll get better. LOTS BETTER.

Head over to Super Normal and check out my mad html/comic skills. Just kidding... that site's not long for this world.


breaking news bulletin

Interrupting your previously scheduled program of sequential pages with some nostalgia. Done last quarter for a temple challenge, because Sailor Moon is still awesome no matter how old I get.


not even surprising this time

HAHAHA, remember when I was all like, "If I post stuff I've already done, I can post ALL THE TIME!" Yeah, that worked out so well. I'm proud of myself. The best part is, it's not even shocking or disappointing anymore, it just feels normal. So here are the thumbs for the mixtape project. Expect the pencils and inks eventually.


not internet slang

Okay, half way through and it's already crazy. Good crazy though, I assure you. But half way means midterms which means ACTUAL art. Since I'm working on some pages for Viz Storytelling II, I can post all of my progress. Shawn has us working in stages to make sure we don't get off track which means I have a steady supply of art to post.

The first stage is coming up with the basic idea, characters, and some environments. And because I love the 80's, it's a mixtape romance. I'm such a girl. A lot of the environments never made it to pencils, at least in a full state but whatever. I don't do enough environments ANYWAY. Currently, I'm tackling the inks, so technically I could have posted the roughwork, the thumbs, and the pencils. BUT that would have been a crazy long post. Plus, this way I have a bunch of art to slowly upload here. Hehehe... I'm so crafty.




Yeah... I didn't post ANYTHING during break. Or the weeks preceding break. Or the weeks succeeding break. I'm not even surprised anymore. Just disappointed. In myself. How depressing. UGH, let's focus on something else. Like the shit-ton of work I should have to post this quarter. Like a bunch of mini-comics and a sequence or two of finished comic pages. Actually, the above image is the over of my first mini, a collection of work. Also, shit-ton is weird to spell and doesn't look right now matter how I try.

More art soon. I promise.

Okay, I don't promise. I break those. But I will really try!