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Okay, half way through and it's already crazy. Good crazy though, I assure you. But half way means midterms which means ACTUAL art. Since I'm working on some pages for Viz Storytelling II, I can post all of my progress. Shawn has us working in stages to make sure we don't get off track which means I have a steady supply of art to post.

The first stage is coming up with the basic idea, characters, and some environments. And because I love the 80's, it's a mixtape romance. I'm such a girl. A lot of the environments never made it to pencils, at least in a full state but whatever. I don't do enough environments ANYWAY. Currently, I'm tackling the inks, so technically I could have posted the roughwork, the thumbs, and the pencils. BUT that would have been a crazy long post. Plus, this way I have a bunch of art to slowly upload here. Hehehe... I'm so crafty.

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